Our story

I used to be a lawyer. My life was easy and smooth. But I had given up on what was essential to me, losing myself on the way...

I realized that if I once had dreams it was time to go for them.

So despite the advise of family and friends, I quit my job, and I embarked my husband and three kids into an adventure that would change our lives.

Destiny took us to Bali, a little treasure lost in the Indian ocean … I immediately fell in love with its beauty, the colors, the smells, the kindness of the Balinese, the breathtaking landscapes, the magic of the sunsets, the positive vibe and slow pace living philosophy of the island.

And I started to dream again. I then decided to bring home some of that beauty and slow life philosophy.

bukit & soul was born as a collection of clothing and lifestyle representing the values of beauty, passion, free spirit, slow pace living and soulful state of mind.

Our collection is designed in Barcelona & Bali, and is beautifully produced by wonderful and dedicated people in our little paradise, Bali. Most of the pieces are hand made, and all of them are ethically produced.

Why bukit, and why soul

Bukit is a small peninsula located in the south of Bali. So beautiful and magical, this is where the project was born, and where the dream of a new life came true.

Soul is the principle of life, action, emotion and feeling. A life lived without your soul is an empty life.

Our philosophy

It is never too late to start over again.

You just need to believe in yourself, be courageous, stay true to your ideals, work hard and trust.

Living the life you always wanted to live is not an easy step, it implies risks, leaving some comfort and security behind, but the adventure is surely worth it.

Dreams can become a reality. Just fight for them… And never give up on dreaming

Maite H.
Founder of
bukit & soul