Sustainability is a lifestyle, not only a business model. Our business is an extension of us, of our own lifestyle as a family and personal choices. In going sustainable, knowledge, consciousness, learning and also teaching our kids is essential. Every day, step by step.
Here is our jorney towards sustainability.

We only use natural fibers like cotton and linen, and have started to use eco friendly fibers like Lenzing Ecovero. We are committed to significantly increase the use of organic and plant based materials starting this year.

We love linen, because it's sp beautiful, and sustainable because it comes from the flax plant, and:
· Growing flax requires little cosumption of water.
· There is very little waste with flax.
· Linen typically requires fewer pesticides, herbicides and fungicides than other natural fabrics.
· Linen is a strong durable fabric so it's durability means is lasts longer than other materials going for mindful consumption.

We have gone non plastic in the whole supply chain. Our online shipments are made either in recycled cardboard boxes or compostable mailers made from corn, ad they come with our signature organic cotton reusable bags. And in wholesale distribution we use biodegradable and compostable bags made from cassava and eco tape. We are exploring at this moment vegetable ink alternatives and fully biodegradable packaging.
We fully and personally oversee our production and supply chain. We produce our collections in Bali, where we live; this makes easir working hand in hand, on daily basis, with our production tea, a small collective of seamstresses and artisans, maily women, who create the most beautiful pieces in an ethical & multicultural environment where family and respect to traditions are essential.
In case question may arise, there is false belief that producing in Asia necessarily implies non ethical or less pricey production, and that European production is more sustainable. We decided to produce in Bali because our story with this island was love at first sight, and we actually moevd here with our three kids so technically we produce locally, under sticct standards of ethical working, promoting craftsmanship, using local and natural resources mindfully, and making the whole project a part of our family life, from A to Z.

We are introducing botanical dyes in our collections and are committed to going as much plant based as possible, in our textiles, packaging, and overall operations.

To create our beautiful vegetable dyes we use mahogany, mango, indigo, and sapang wood leaves, and coconut tree barks to naturally fix the colors.

We believe in mindful consuming. In wholesale we only produce what has been ordered, and we keep a minimum stock for direct sale. In this sense, starting this season most of our pieces will only be available on a pre order basis, so they will be custom made one by one. We don't believe in over production and we encourage shopping beautiful timeless unique prices to treasure forever.